Grooveshark 0.8

This download is no longer available. This could be due to the program being discontinued, having a security issue or for some other reason.

You can download these alternatives:

Take your favorite music with you anywhere


  • Millions of songs in your pocket
  • Great interface design
  • You can make songs available offline
  • Support for favorites and custom playlists


  • Account creation is buggy
  • No support for multitasking

Very good

This program can no longer be downloaded. You can look for alternatives in Apps > MP3 & Multimedia Apps > MP3 & Audio.

Grooveshark is an awesome online music sharing service you can now enjoy on your iPhone or iPod Touch.

The Grooveshark app features a neat design and is really simple to use. After signing in with your Grooveshark account details, you’re directly taken to the service’s powerful search engine to start looking for music straight away. You can also create a new account from the app, though we had some issues with this and ended up creating the account on the Grooveshark website.

Playback in Grooveshark is smooth and seamless. The screen displays the song’s album cover, a few controls to manage music playback and shortcuts to mark the song as favorite and turn the radio on or off. The Grooveshark radio delivers a similar song after the one you’re currently listening to. When turned off, you’re simply prompted to search for another song.

Besides a favorites list, Grooveshark also lets you create custom playlists and check the queue of upcoming songs. You can make songs available when offline, and download specific songs from iTunes.

Grooveshark is definitely an awesome music application for your iPhone or iPod Touch. It’s quick, effective and easy to use. The only problem you may find is that it doesn’t include your favorite bands in its catalog, but that’s something each one of us has to test. The one thing that they need to fix is support for multitasking – we don’t want the music to stop when we switch to another app!

Grooveshark is an excellent app version of the excellent online streaming music service, which allows you to enjoy it anywhere.

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